Chapter 149
Volume I

Well if you’re the type of person who is into fishnet body suits (with nipples poking through of course) Patton leather stilettos and whips … That’s right I said whips that reach 7 feet.  Then these pictures are for you. Kind of a silly thing I just put together. Picking up different pieces in some of the different cities I had been traveling too lately.  Fishnet from L.A. and whips I grabbed them in Mexico.  They give me that evil guy from the movie 300 type of feel.  But it’s hard for me to keep a serious face with such a silly comparison. 

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After the video camera traces my fishnet clad body from head to toe, where my private parts stick threw so perfectly.  I love the way fishnet feels and the way it sounds. I really like to curl my toes up in between the holes.  Enough of that its time to whip all you dirty boys and girls into shape. I take it outside dodging all the maids and pool workers who decided to come right in the middle of my “whip action” and I give it a good crack….. After almost be-heading anyone who is near by, including my self. I decide maybe a smaller whip is more my style. Better yet a paddle would get me hot. So with that thought in mind I tear my bodysuit off as if I was Hulk Hogan lol. This would have to be considered a personality update, because I was just having too much fun with this video.

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