Chapter 14
Volume I

I like these jeans, they fit me just right.  With the right pair of sexy heels, they make my legs and butt look quite adorable.  I put on a blue seethrough shirt and posed in front of the mirror.   Then we took pics in front of a bump construction sign, and then next to a bulldozer of some kind.  I got to ride it!  But I'm sure you care more about my boob and butt shots on it, right?

The video starts with me putting on my makeup in front of the mirror.  Well just lipstick actually.  I dont put on that much makeup.  We had a lunch break and went for pizza and flashed my boob on the street.   Then some video where I'm posing in front of a construction sign while guys drive by and say 'hey now!' and I flash my boobs and private part.  The last part is where I take my shirt off, and then some neighbors nearby start noticing so I run away!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.