Chapter 150
Volume I

Well this is the first to start off the updates that we are doing at my promoter’s new casa.  So slipping into my favorite designer (Sky) gown that I had got for recent award show and started for a classic approach with the super high ceilings and all the columns and archways.  Hen slip into another room to hop onto the pool table praying that I don’t rip the fabric that you play on with my high heels. Then into another big, tall room and yes with more columns. But this time I decided to ditch the clothes and slip into my birthday suit very slowly might I add. Wear I manage to perch myself upon the edge of the column which was so cold it made my nipples hard. But I was happy to do it to get everyone some real nice spread shots of my pretty privates. 

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Back by popular demand...Drum roll….. I take off my micro mini red mesh thong and ever so slowly inch by inch I stuff it inside on me. I feeling am so crazy! The best part is the pull out for me. Then my panties are truly all wet!  But I don’t know what a girl is to do. Seeing how that is the only pair I had with me. So I guess I will just have to spend the rest of my day walking around without any underwear what-so-ever. For some reason I am not so upset about that lol.
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