Chapter 151
Volume I

An industry friend of mine gave me this matching tee and white cotton thong set from a really popular website called  So what was supposed to be a few promo shots ended up turning into a whole lot of shots. So I decided to share them because they are all kind different because we were all over the place. Doorways, fireplaces, outback, and even in the pool. Because in my mind the only thing better than a white cotton tee shirt with matching thong is a WET white cotton shirt with matching thong hehe!

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Well starts with a little bit of a camel toe. These undies are really good for that! Then walk myself over to the hot tub and soak myself. Where the tee shirt clings to my body and my nipples begin to get hard and poke threw.  Cool thing is that this hot tub has a jet on the floor ….. So when I straddle it … Well let me just say I didn’t want to leave the hot tub as a matter of fact I want to go back right now. The pressure was awesome if you got into the right position it would nail that spot that makes we shake.  Then after jumping out I had to strip down to air-dry because FTV couldn’t find any towels. Luckily it was warm outside.
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