Chapter 151
Volume II

Who says there is no such thing as heaven on earth? If you ask me these pictures prove it lol. Just kidding but every once and awhile everything turns out perfect for a picture set and this would be one of those days. I am getting wet in this shower that has to be the best shower in the whole world with water that falls from the ceiling like a rain storm; it has to be one hot place to get busy with your loved one. Or with me ;) In my case I think I will get busy with the pictures and then with my heavenly body. This has to be in my top 5 for all time best photo shoots. So I hope everybody likes and enjoys them as much as I did. 

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Start off slamming the 2 bathroom door open and walking into the bathroom shower with my dress on. And to be completely honest with you it’s really a netted mesh bikini cover up but I forgot the bikini. Plus any type of clothing that allow my nipples to poke threw and add easy access for some glimpses of my wet pretty pussy is the dress for me. Best thing about the shower besides the water pouring down my naked smooth body is the love seat long enough to lay down and even support 2 people if you wanted. If I had this shower I would never get out because I am too busy getting off. Because the one thing I hate about masturbating in the shower is having to stand up my climax is a lot better when I am sitting or on my back.
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