Chapter 152
Volume I

Like my little outfit? I got it for the playboy lingerie party this year at this store in California. Taking a bunch of the images out-front by this little fountain, that was until a young man on his go-ped drove up with a pair of panties in his hands that he had found in front of my car on the sidewalk. How embarrassing, but it turned out for once in my life the panties weren’t mine. Guess FTV had a friend out front the night before lol. Anyways from that point on I was performing for an audience when the young man went and got his friend and lay in the grass trying to watch. I pretend not to see them. No harm in watching.

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Black and white. That’s a good name for this video. Black is what I am wearing and white is the color of the new toy I am using. Also the color of the wet juices that it brings me. Oh yeah and I its all on the new kitchen island. Out and in. Slow and then fast. One hand and then 2. Makes for one happy web model as I cum to one super hard orgasm that pretty much drained me for the rest of the day. Wow it had been a few days since I had came last so this one was very much needed. I was wiped out the rest of the day. You could just put a fork in me (no pun intended lol) because I was done. I love days like this.
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