Chapter 155
Volume I

Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime… There are a few things I love about summer. The lack of clothes, love that, all the barbeques , going to the beach, Rehab  Sundays at the Hard Rock and last but not least pool parties.  Going to huge houses up on mountains with some beautiful pools and girls for that matter.  That’s how this set begins. FTV came along to show everybody the new car. We decided after touring the house the sneak away into a beautiful bathroom that was as big as my bedroom.  With my hair dripping wet from the pool and the sun setting, it made for some really smoking hot images. 

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Well everybody at the party wondering who we were and what we were doing, it was pretty hard to make it quick and private shoot. Plus the host of the party kept coming in every 2 mins. Trying to show us off. I mean must have had 10 different girls come in stare at me naked “doing my thing” saying comments like wow that’s really hot! Anybody in my position couldn’t help but start to get a little turned on. Okay maybe a lot turned on lol.  Thank god for me I had a shoot bag in my car with about 3 different toys in it. Nothing tame is going to-do when I get like this.  So I pulled out the one that could do some penetration . With  one set of finger rubbing my g-spot and the other thrusting some deep penetration, add a wetness and I left that party one satisfied girl!
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