Chapter 156
Volume I

FTV has always been known for some of the best high quality imagery out there. I always love the way I look in my pictures. Being that is sooooo HOT still in Arizona (100 degrees +) it makes it hard to do 2 things. Keeping your clothes on (my main problem lol)
and take pictures during the day. But you always have dusk or sunset which make for some of my favorite updates. We have the
best sunsets in Arizona esp with the monsoon season. But the sky wasn't all pinks and purples today but it made for some nice golden pics. To match my suntan from this past weekend at the pool. Oh and I'm naked crawling and squatting. Giving you some up skirts minus the skirt. So I guess its all gold with some pink.

3000kb/sec High Definition Video
Well like I said pics always highest of quality, but now I am happy to say that my video quality is being raised as well. Cream of the crop in both areas (no pun intended lol). So this video is giving you the chance to see the difference. What better thing to do it on than me. With the details of everything so clear. Like my nipples now when they are hard you'd swear you could feel it. Moist cookies and squirting will be so so so hot. The curves of my hips and abs totally details of every angel. I guess that would be the best word to describe this new upgrade... DETAILS, now you'll see more details, details, details, details. Which is awesome! Well you just go check it out yourself. xoxo
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