Chapter 157
Volume I

Well surprise, surprise! Guess what ? FTV got another new sports car. So out of the norm for him lol. Well at least this one is one of a kind. Kind of like me lol. It is the only 2008 Lambo LP640 in all the United States. I happen to be one of the first to lay my eyes on it. Let me tell you it is one sexy ride. I just wanted to strip down to nothing but my soft skin and rub my body all over it. But due to the Arizona 119 degree heat I decided to avoid the 3rd degree burns . Wearing a white short jumper is almost unbearable sticking to my skin. I had to let my body breath while I pose with the only 2008 in the nation. 

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During my shoot there was a detail guy at the FTV house detailing the car. So I decided to be a nice girl and help out because it was soooo hot outside and he had been working really hard. So I supplied the eye candy and began to wax that ass.. I mean car lol. Isn’t long till he is directing me. What to clean, wear to squat, what clothes to lose and most important how to rub in a good coat of wax. But between you and me I think I could teach him a thing or too. After working up sweat and finishing up my job. He complemented my hard work and even wanted to give FTV a discount.
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