Chapter 159
Volume I

"Rock out with your cock out" that seems to be the perfect name for this set. I was given a guitar recently from a member and I love it! Maybe i will start a band lol. Anyways I am not to good at playing it but I love to pose in pictures with it. Naked pictures that is. Then FTV gives me these 2 eight ball things that are suppose to turn me on or something along those lines but not too sure if I got it right. but sliding them in and pushing them out sure looks hot enough to turn me on. How about you!

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First I begin and act like any well known rock star by rocking out then pretend to bash my guitar into everything. Then the clothes begin to come of and I get this new sex toy thing from FTV that looks like it should be hanging from the mirror in your car. But i am down to try anything so I push then in and pull them out. I tell you what the one thing they did do was get me sooooo wet. dripping. Then I took my act to the street rocking out for some groupies and local fans (civilans) outside the place we ate lunch. Im off to Tony mom basement to work the album. Rock On j/k lol
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