Chapter 160
Volume I

A little dress up is in order for this shoot. Kinda smart co- ed meets naughty office file girl.  With the blonde locks loosely tied back in a French twist and my reading glasses dipping low on my nose. I give you the chance to explore every angle of my personal upstairs loft/home office. Including everything in it. Meaning ME! With my breast growing as much as they are alot of nice boob shots of me showing them off. Then I show you how tight I am....

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After saying hi to my puppy Carmen. I walk up my spiral staircase to give you a tour of where I spend a ton of time answering my fanmail and instant messages my home office. The walls are filled with all the different things I have done and magazines I have been in. Plus the shelf where I keep some of my member gifts. Then loosing the clothes to give to show off a few things on me.
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