Chapter 161
Volume I

It has been a super long day of shooting. No not for the site but for mainstream stuff. So basically all that means was I had to keep my clothes on YUCK! I began to get a little bit jumpy because the location we were at was so awesome and would be great to shoot some stuff for you guys at. However some people arn't as open as you and I lol. So I took the situation into my own hands. While they were shooting another model I grabbed a lighting guy and put a camera in his hand. Since I was already wet from the pool a bubble bath seemed perfect! Plus nobody ever opens a bathroom door when its closed. Esp when you are in a house that had like 12 bathrooms! 

Good thing I always have my little hd video camera in my purse, I always carry it because you never now when something fun or sexy is going to happen. Anyways I put the camera in his hand and said video what you think is hot and I will just do my thing. He had no issues with that lol. I thought I would do a shaving update in the beginning because I did need to shave and the people had left a bunch of products for the models razors being one of them, i couldn't ask for anything better during my secret bathtime. Only thing is I couldn't talk to much I was scared I would get busted doing something for me while I was on there time.
When it was all said and done I think my secret photo set turned out really great alot times things are better un-planned.
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