Chapter 166
Volume I

Well what we have here is a everyday project that ended up turning into a shoot because I
was having soooo much fun. Pictures our of me in my painting clothes, basically overalls and yellow little tank top that I had ripped all up because its kinda old plus alot sexier. it starts off with my blah boring plain white wall. Then while I was listening to the radio I started dancing and pics started snapping. Hot Action Shots!!! Then back to work on my walls. Trust me after breaking out a ladder pink isn't just the color of my walls.

3000kb/sec High Definition Video
I have a member who has been requesting another "how too" video. So I decided this is the perfect time to give him what he has been wanting. Short little video that gives you a closer look at a side of me you hadn't seen before.However the only thing was the radio kept playing so many of my favorite songs. So added a 2nd video a little sexy bonus
video, just in case you not into painting and more into watching me get excited by myself, not to mention really wet.. As always lol. xoxo
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