Chapter 167
Volume I

"Hot fun in the summer time" make that red hot fun. Thanks to an industry friend who
also runs they decided to hook me up with one of the smallest suits they have! I guess that would make me a teeny bikini girl! Yay!!! To complement my fire engine red non-existent thong, I strapped on a new pair of snakeskin metallic silver stilletos. And the pix begin in a little red dress surrounded by glass tile
which always looks super hot when the light shines through it right. Warning. With
summer approaching and my tan coming into form, these pix are uber hot.

5000kb/sec High Definition Video
Why is it so good to be me? No, not because I get to hang out with other hot solo girls. But because I get to take advantage of all my succesful friends toys. So this update starts in the hanger of one of my jetsetting pals. With all the noises of the crew working on the plane, we decided to take this video to a more high fashion level. Complete with original composure by ftv, and me pouring on the uber sexiness for you and the camera. Ftv says that this upcoming series is some of the best yet. Hope you like it will.
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