Chapter 168
Volume I

I was told to bring a nice sun dress to shoot with my friends jet and what did I bring?
Only the sluttiest black skirt I could find with no top. My bad, I must have left the dress at home - hee hee hee. In these I show you all around the jumbo jet. The only problem is that one of the crew was there while I was shooting. While he's in back with his head stuck up the tail of the plane, I proceeded to dance around him and squat. Then I decided to dispose of my one piece and the stairs up to the cockpit provide a perfect angle for tons of bent over pink goodies. Ooh la la 

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Slam! The hangar door slams shut and I approach you and the plane carrying my D & G bag and wearing nothing but a sultry skirt complemented by some super strappy tall heels. Patent leather. Then I invite you to join me in a tour around the plane. From head to tail, over and under I explore so you can feel like you are here with me. Did I mention there is some public nudity and a lot of shots for you to explore me from top to bottom? Then straight to the cockpit I go...
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