Chapter 169
Volume I

Well now its time for a first class tour with your first class flight attendant - me! Now this is what I call the good life. A private jet to join the mile high club in and me as your stewardess serving your needs and checking and rechecking every area for the best angles and the best places to watch me climax because being in here gets me so

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I'm so dying to join the mile high club. This is going to have to be the best I can do with
the time I had today. So, after caressing the finest of the leather and the wood grain
that decks out this jumbo jet, I sit myself for the pilots to see and unzip my uniform and
remove my white lacy panties. I use my fingers while I fantasize about me having a wild time in here with a certain somebody to bring myself to a shaking, twitching mess that knocks me out to sleep in the captain's chair.
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