Chapter 16
Volume II

The pics in this series get a little more racy, where I'm fingering myself with one or two fingers.  Then some wide spread shots and extreme closeups while I finger & spread myself too. 

The first part I'm trying fight back from cracking up, that's always me when I'm getting nervous.  I'm going to masturbate today, and its with a special tool I brought this time.  I want to have a nice orgasm.  Starting at the window I get myself into a trance and focus on masturbating and not the camera.  Finding a comfy place right on the tiles, I pull my shorts off and start rubbing and fingering.  It starts to feel good after a while, the more I concentrate.  I start thinking bad girl thoughts and then pull out my 'massager' and use it on myself.   You can hear the juicy sounds as I get wet, and then I had a squirt when I came and wet my butt.  It took 15 minutes to come but it was worth it!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.