Chapter 170
Volume I

Well it just came in the mail! Which means I am getting ready to cum all over it.... Wait let me back up. I am talking about my new favorite chair / sex toy! Nope it is not the sex swing this is by far classier.  Its called a tantra chair and I have had my eye on one for a long long time! I can't believe it is finally here.  It cost over a 1000.00 dollars so you know it has to be go or at least it better be lol. I love how it has curves just like me. These pictures give you all the great angles as i try to find just the right spot for it and just the right position for me on it.

4000kb/sec High Definition Video
If somebody is going to pay 1000 dollars for one chair you better believe i am going to try out everyway possible to climax on it. I show you all the cool different ways alot I didn't even know about and alot of them are alot easier to hold. Some examples are knees up, head up , head hanging off the back, on my
head, legs over my head, ect. Well you will get a better idea after checking out my latest video it a super sexy chair. Plus a wonderful sex toy. Kinda like me!
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