Chapter 172
Volume I

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Today we found ourselves hanging out at my house. Feeling really horny more so than usual the topic of my sybian came up. Thats right I said my sybian the 1600.00 sex toy (which I had overnighted lol) anyway there is an attachment that is really big for me. I had always been scared of it before, So I decided its time to add it for you. That is with me using the huge attachment that I have never encountered until now. All I have to say is wow there is a reason that this is the 1600.00 sex toy.  If you ask me well worth it! It got me pretty vocal. Only thing is I cant use it at night because of my neighbors we think I had a lawnmower running in my living room lol. But before all this sweating goodness came we took some pictures of me in this little skirt I had picked up while traveling, then took some out of the skirt, then we took some with the my new favorite toy lol.
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