Chapter 174
Volume I

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Well I have to say that I am in love and its with"BJ's" Betsy Johnson silly. Not to say that I don't love given a mind blowing blow job, but that's a whole other love lol. Betsy J. makes these very big, puffy, (sounds like a blogger describing my nipples) not to mention very costly, designer of these princess dresses. A lot of the pics I feel like I look like I should be on top of a cupcake.
AA blonde naked cupcake with extra creamy topping lol!! I cant get enough of these awesome gowns. A new addiction for me to feed on is kinda the way Im shopping for them. The funny thing was i total thought it was just a girl thing, but it turns out from what I have seen that boys love them too. even more that slutty stuff? Now speaking
of slutty stuff I let you in on something I have been keeping a secret for awhile now but have been dying to share it with anybod. Something that happened on a recent trip I had just taken and the wild first encounters that came with it. Warning i was a very, very, bad dirty girl times. Even for me xoxo

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