Chapter 17
Volume I

My favorite of favorites!  Once we bought these clothes for my shoot I was so excited to wear them and see the results on film.  Not that I'm trying to be a Brittney Spears clone, but I think the pink outfit and the hat look good on me, especially with my hair straight.  I'm sure you guys will love this shoot too.  I even did some climbing up a gate to get some nifty shots.  By the end of the shoot, my panties are off!

I went shoe shopping that day, looking at all kind of strappy heels now that I have my toenails done.  So we went to a large womens' shoe warehouse and I tried out several heels.  We ended up buying only two pairs though.  I prefer sneakers over all of them though. I'm a sneaker person.  We then went to some stores to buy clothes, some of which you see in this chapter.  I got a little risqué and flashed my boobs and butt in the changing area.  Im sure you like.
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