Chapter 19
Volume II

My bottoms come off, and what I got left is my heels, which then come off too to use as 'fingers' to spread my private parts.  I make you imagine that the heel is really your special part that I'm riding, or in doggy style.  Take your pick, what position do you prefer, or more importantly, which position would you want to do it with me?? 

With my heels off, I gave my legs and feet a massage with moisturizer cream.  The photographer wanted me to suck on my toes, I can do it but the cream tastes bad!  He should have asked me to do it before I rubbed cream on them!  Then I moved on to a breast massage, and I'm learning to do it better now.  First I was doing it too fast, but now I rub them more sensually, carefully and with hard pressure the way a guy would want to touch them.  Some last bit of extreme closeup spreading showing my love button to finish the video!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.