Chapter 20
Volume I

A few weeks later I set up another shoot with Janelle, and this time I was a lot more comfortable with her.  We took a lot of nice photos hugging and kissing, and some really sexy poses together in our hot clothes & heels. 

We got changed outside in a public place (as usual) and then fooled around in this park place.  I gave Janelle a piggy back ride, with my high heels on!  Janelle then told me about how she can lactate with her breasts, even though she isn't pregnant & has never had kids either.  I squeezed her breast, and out came some milk!  She told me it tastes sweet.  Then she milked herself making the milk squirt all over the ground.  Pretty incredible stuff I've never heard or seen of before!  She should be on Broadway with that talent hehe.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.