Chapter 20
Volume II

These pictures are all in Black & White or sepia tone as they call it.  Some of my favorite girl-girl pics are in this series.  Also for those of you who are butt lovers there are a lot of butt pics of us both.   My favorite pic is #142.

We moved on to another office building and got changed to our white/cream outfits on the stairway.  While Janelle was getting naked I slapped her butt.  She also did a bit more lactating on her nipple.  The rest of the video its footage from our photoshoot above & us fooling around.  The more I got to know Janelle the more I like her.  Her boyfriend is a lucky guy, because she is so sweet, and probably satisfies her man with her tight little private part.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.