Chapter 20
Volume III

I always laugh when I see this cover page to the left, because the picture looks like I'm pulling Janelle's hair and she's moaning in pain.  The fall colors of the leaves behind us are nice and we were in a relaxed state for these pics.  The ones on the care I like more though, nice effect on the colors and exposure.  Couple of the pictures you can see me hide behind the hood of the car when someone would pass by looking at us.  

It was a long day of shooting and we were both getting tired.  But the colors in this video is nice and we both look hot together., don't you think?  We had to be careful not to fall off the edge!  The rest of the video is us having our dinner (sub sandwiches) and just chitchatting about stuff.  Started talking about teeth!  Our shoot is over but I know we will be back together again!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.