Chapter 21
Volume II

I'd say this is one of my favorite photosets ever.  Something about it oozes with style.  The car looks brand new, polished, and spiffied up, and the interior is decked out with some nice custom leather finish.  Oh, and a hot girl named Lia is posing next to it!  I changed to another dress, with sexy lines and a pair of lacy black panties.  Gives just enough tease to get you excited and want to see more.  My favorite pick: #107.

The pictures turn racier when I move to the back of the car, and take off my panties, squatting behind the mustang sign.  I'm also wearing my sexy strappy heels.  The guys watching me I've gotten used to by now, so I've lost that shyness & shock when I first saw them come.  I'm sure they had their share of fun watching me.  Some really cute butt shots of me here too.  Favorite pick: #238!  That's for sure.
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