Chapter 22
Volume I

This was an experimental photoshoot, where I was to get completely naked, and we would use the ambient light coming from the fireplace to light up my body.  Its grainy 'old tone' kind of images, somewhat artsy, for those of you who like that stuff.  I just like it because it shows off the contours of my body.

These are all color versions of the photoshoot, where my favorites are on the bed.  Most of the images are slightly blurry, because (the photographer types would know this) the images are taken at 2 second shutter speed, so if I move just a little, I blur.  But my favorites are the ones on the bed, my skin looks so soft and squeezable in the pics.  The last few are me checking my emails before I leave the house.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.