Chapter 23
Volume I

Thanks to a member who is a big fan of mine, he got me a custom-fitted cheerleader outfit.  And its so cool!  I haven't ever worn a cheerleader costume, because in high school I was more the Lifeguard and field hockey sports girl than the football cheerleader type.  I did some cute twirls and jumps you might like to see, especially when the panties get a wedgie and you can see my private parts clearly!

I put my shoes on in the laundry room, then stepped outside with my pom-poms.   Husky football rules!  I did some stretching first.  I like playing the pompoms.  The member thought of everything, even down to the socks.   The shirt was a bit tight though and squishes my boobs.  I did some twirls until I got dizzy.   I get camerashy again and ask the videographer for some directions.  I need to study up on cheerleading!  I did some fingering & tasting...
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