Chapter 25
Volume II

While driving down a narrowing road on the southern part of Maui, the photographer spotted a gate to some pretty hot-looking house.  I was like, why are we stopping here?  Then when I saw the nice architecture of the gate and its green color it so matched my bikini design and color.  I love these pics we took here, it makes me look sooo hot.   My favs' are #101, 115, and 119.  We went down to some rocky area later and took some more there but the sun was so bright it made me squint.  

I started to sing along with my favorite music, while we were traveling along the south shore.  Kind of risky, but the videographer was taping me while driving!  Anyways, this is how I am when I'm happy and in a good mood.  We put the camera in the front, and I popped my boobs out while singing.  I really got carried away!  Fun video.  Watch it.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.