Chapter 25
Volume III

These pics have an exotic look to them!  I have bought several pairs of swimwear from NVR Strings, and I kept them for just this kind of thing.  We finally found a beach with lots of nice sand to crawl and play in.  The photographer liked the trees and stuff and its true, the light blue bikini I'm wearing looks pretty nice with the backdrop of green and gold.   I did some of my athletic style poses, showing off my muscles!  I made sure I'm in great shape before I took off to Hawaii.  I like #111, a good butt shot -- I think that thin g-string types make my butt look good.  Don't you think?
We FINALLY headed to the beach, and I immediately headed for the water.  Big waves though!  Wearing such a small bikini you have to be careful you don't find it floating away with the waves.  Some of my hot poses are best when I'm in the sand, in a crawling pose.  The waves splashed me and my hair got wet but do you care?  My fav's are #220 and #221.   The sand was getting everywhere!

I went behind the bushes to get changed to my next bikini.  Pretty place with birds everywhere.  The videographer kind of taped me voyeur style.  I was getting nervous again worried people might catch me changing.  I flashed my boobs, because the videographer kept begging!  There was a guy right there sitting next to us.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.