Chapter 25
Volume IV

This part continues in the sunset and is for my butt lovers!  The sand is getting into my private parts, and my g-string falls to the side exposing it.  Oh my what I was doing on the beach, with people all around!  I gambled that they are too far away to really see any details of what I was showing to the camera.  I'm never too excited about my butt, but these pics are flattering. 

I took my pants off and hit the water.  I've never been in big waves, even though they are probably pretty small for hawaii.  My G-string could easily come off in these waves.  Yes, I was a lifeguard but I worked in pools and lakes.   I got my hair wet and then played in the sand with my breasts out, it was pretty fun.  I crawled around giving a lot of butt shots.  When I was cleaning off the sand off my body, there was so much of it piled up on my nipples and my private parts!  I'm sure you'll like watching though.  Yeah, you will.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.