Chapter 26
Volume I

With the new widescreen TV installed, I can watch all kinds of DVD movies in 6.1 and 7.1 surround sound.  It also makes a great backdrop for some glamour pics.  I decided put on something for this shoot that I would wear if I was to lounge around the house.  Just a t-shirt and my girly briefs basically.  So pretty much butt naked with my pointy nipples sticking out of my shirt.  Hope you like!  Try to guess what movie I'm watching.  Funny pics: #116 & 151.  They turned out that way by accident too.

There is an actor I think is hot in this movie (its a space movie I'm not going to mention here) and many times I've put on a movie and fantasized about the guy in it.  Thats where I start to rub myself and get turned on.  I don't necessarily need an orgasm just the feeling is good.  The camera can get irritating though!  I sat on the couch and while rubbing myself I told the camera guy I want to masturbate in private this time.
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