Chapter 27
Volume II

We moved on to the 2nd floor lobby of the hotel, and since I'm not wearing any panties (or bra for that matter) I did some upskirt shots and nipple teases.  There were people walking by the whole time who didn't have a clue that a camera was directed straight to my bare private parts.  People don't realize when I'm sitting casually facing the elevators, that they might just get a glimpse of my private parts.  The rest of the photos are stills of my masturbation indoors, and when I used the heel of my cute pink strappy shoes like a toy.

I went out that night, dancing at a local Maui club in the Hotel.  Dancing does get me excited, especially if there are hot guys there.  I had my pink dress on, just to get everyone's attention there.  So when I have nobody to fool around with, I'd rather masturbate.  Prefer not to have a camera on me while doing it, but you guys would miss out on a good thing.  I went straight to rubbing and fingering myself without taking my clothes off.   I closed my eyes and fantasized about a few guys I saw there.  Nipple & breast squishing help get me excited too.  Do you hear the squishy noises coming when I finger myself?  I still find it wierd when the camera is so close to my private parts recording that sound.  I think I shocked the videographer with what I did next, he didnt expect me to take my heel and use it like a sex toy.  My fingers sometimes aren't enough, and at that very moment my pink shoe heel was the best thing around.  Not too thick, but long and pointy.  After I got into it, I was using it fast and hard.  To get to orgasm I rubbed myself and used my fingers again, and I was all happy and relaxed at the end.  (And sleepy!!).
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.