Chapter 28
Volume I

These are all touristy pics of me where we started out at the parking lot, then moved on to the sugar cane plantation.  The farmers working around there and people driving got me nervous when I was doing nude teases.  As we travelled north, we took pics along the road, and when we took driving breaks.   While on one big rock, I showed off more than just my boobs.  The last ones overlook the cliff.

We're out to travel the entire north part of the island today!  But first we went to a Maui shop to buy some cute clothes and souvenirs.  Its about time too.  I tried on several outfits but some of them I really couldn't figure out how to wear.  Or at least they didn't look flattering.  We ended up buying 3 dresses, but I also picked out and bought several purses.  I love purses.  We headed north, expecting to find beaches, but it ended up being cliffs, and a winding road that got real narrow.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.