Chapter 28
Volume II

Some members loved my pigtail cowgirl look I had in an earlier chapter so I did it again.  Good place for it too where there was a farm nearby and a lot of cows.  As usual, there were so many people driving by it was hard to get naked!  No problem though I pulled it off.  

I put my hair into pigtails, kept the jean shorts on, but wore my white top and tied it around my chest.  I look like a cowgirl now!  Very windy up here where the houses and farms were located.  My nipples were hard in the cold!  We couldn't find any beaches and it was getting cloudy.  We checked out a lot of baby cows and I called out to them.  We thought we had found a nice secluded area at the cliffs, and were preparing to shoot here some nudes, but then came these tourists peeking and they wouldn't leave!  So we ended up having to find somewhere else.  It was a beautiful place too.  Darn it!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.