Chapter 29
Volume II

By the time the sun was almost set on the horizon, I went into the water (it wasn't that wavy here) and some of the best beach pics we took that evening.   I picked out a few and e-mailed them to my friends.  They thought they were hot too.  My nipples popped out of some of them -- I'm sure you'll like.  Once it turned dark, we went back to the hotelroom and I went to wash the sand off my body.  So the rest of the pics are nude shower ones. 

I get back to the hotelroom, and head for the shower.  I need to get the sand off, but without getting my hair wet!  I take my top off, rinse my boobs with water, then I took my bottoms off and rinsed it all down there, cleaning it of sand.   I then took the soap and massaged my breasts a little.  Watch and enjoy!  I dried myself up and I think I still felt sand up somewhere down there!  
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.