Chapter 30
Volume I

I had a lot of requests for another shower scene!  Well whats even better this time is that our hotel has a large tiled bathtub.  It was real late at night, I was a bit dopey and ready to take a hot bath.  A member emailed me to keep my clothes on when I went into the bath so I did!  Wet t-shirt pics and then a bubble girl scene.  The rest of the pics are pretty intense while I rode the bathtub's faucet, spreading my private parts. 

We have done several shower scenes but no bubble bath scene yet!  What perfect place for it in this large bath we have in the hotel.  I'm going to have fun!!!!  I poured sweet smelling apple bubble bath stuff.  I put my hair in a pony tail so I don't get it wet but kept my shirt on.  Wet T-shirt and panty stuff whoopiieee.  My pointy nipples stick out and my panties look see through now.  Time for some fingering of my private part, because I want to and it feels good.  I massaged my breasts with silky fragrant oil that made them real shiny and fun to play with.  Then I started the water on the faucet and let it flow down my private part, it tickles and feels good at the same time.  Then I went kinky and started riding the faucet, gliding my private part on it and into it.  Am I enjoying myself or what?  hehe.  I was getting very giggly.  I settled down and went back to rubbing myself and fingering deep, until someone came knocking at the door!! 
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.