Chapter 31
Volume I

I slept in the morning, but I'm cuter when I sleep till 10am.  Wrapping myself in a comfy pink sarong, thats all I had on me.  The photos start with me looking in the mirror, with one breast exposed.  I sit on the table and spread my private parts, and then did some bedroom pics.   I'm happy in the morning, and I think you can see that in my smiles.   Tugging on my nipples makes them pointy!

I think this is the ultimate dedication to my butt lovers!  Almost all the pics are butt pics, from every angle and position.  The light coming in from the window really shows off my butt curves, and what lies inbetween.  It all leads to spreading my butt cheeks and you see every intimate detail you'd ever want to see.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.