Chapter 31
Volume II

Half of these pics are taken after I had my orgasm, with my little toy still inside me.  I always get sleepy after one of these sessions but I think I look cute sleeping, from what I see in the pics!  Get up real close and see all the details.

I was in a quiet, pensive mood today, looking at the mirror, I fixed my hair, and examined my breasts.  They are pretty, aren't they?  The nipples are just the right shape and the boobs are firm and full sized without being too big.  I got my nips all hard, and they have a way in getting me wet.  I sat on the table, and started rubbing myself.  When I headed to the bed, I lied down and found something else to play with, a pink plastic toy which really is from my hair curlers.  But its long, soft and feels good when I put it inside me.  It also has like this fine ribbing along its side which make it feel even better.  I left it inside me and massaged my private part, until I orgasmed and curled up into bed.  I left the toy inside me, to keep it warm hehe.  I was really quiet this time, usually I'm much more talkative.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.