Chapter 33
Volume I

This photoshoot all started out by accident, that is I was just lounging around in my bikini at the pool, and we decided to take more pics.  Its one of those things, I love having bikini photos done.  Well anyways, I started with pics lying on one of the deck chairs, and then while people were walking around, flashed a nipple or two.  Good views down there too.   Favorite is #101, probably because I look so leggy in it.  I'm not wearing any makeup in these photos so don't bug me!

Another afternoon in Maui!  I headed for the pool beach area, with my purple bikini, flashing along the path.  Watch out for the unsuspecting tourists!  While doing the nude photo teases, the camera recorded away at the action.  I let my pointy nipple slip out of my bikini and then I played in the sand, writing my name in it.  There was a dude taking pictures of me from far away, he must've noticed what I was doing.
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