Chapter 33
Volume II

We went back out to the hotel's beach area, and I sat on the catamaran there.  I was all into getting naked, so I had my bikini bottom slipped to the side, to expose my private parts to the world!  Well not really, just to the camera.  Don't want to get arrested or kicked out of the hotel now, its only my 3rd day here.  Its a pretty long photoshoot, and I took a few more in the sand.  Going back indoors there are still photos of my boobs getting soaked by the shower. 

After getting all sand I went back to my room and took a shower.  Guys want to see more more more shower scenes well I have lots now!  (And I'm sure more to come).  My nipples are really hard the whole time.  I went to the shower with my shoes on, and washed my feet.  My feet do look pretty, right?  I did some nipple-hardening water stuff too.  After I dried myself up, I fixed my air, and put on a sexy pair of white pants, black shirt and sexy black heels.  Time to go out for dinner!  From rowdy beach girl to dressy hot girl in 15 minutes!  The last bit is me sleeping with the TV on, I look cute when I'm sleeping, don't I?  Some say I'm huggable and....
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