Chapter 34
Volume I

These photos cover the first half of our trip up the Haleakala volcano.  The mountain is like over 10,000 feet!  So imagine how long it takes to drive it up.  We parked along the road in several places, and we took some touristy pics as well as all the things members would like to see me do outside.   My low-cut shirt shows off my nipples if I bend over just the right way.  Higher up, I flashed my boobs right on the road.  Take a look for yourself!

Somewhere a few thousand feet up the mountain, there were still a few residences around.  We stopped at one secluded area where they were making a house to take a break and do some photos.  I took off my shirt here and some neighbour started noticing.  We went even higher, and passed a ranch with horses, and I flashed more boob stuff.  The road zig-zags up, and up, and we stopped several times once at 4000 feet, 6000 feet, and 8000 feet.  Yes there were cars driving by, so I didn't want to create an accident!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.