Chapter 35
Volume I

We had for a long time come up with this combo for an outfit, a seethrough kimono style robe with a pair of very sexy sandals.  Where to shoot it in? Well we came up with another beach, another sunset.  We found the most secluded part we could so I could get completely naked later.   Between the water and the treeline, I crawled on my knees and pulled my panties aside.  My breasts popped right out of the top and I was essentially naked.  

Taking the heels off, I walked into the sand, and got my body all sandy, mixed with salt water.  I got my body all covered with it when I rolled around the sand.  There is one pic I reaaaaly like of my butt with sand all over it, its number 235.  Tell me if you agree hehe.  Don't worry, with the panties pulled aside you won't be seeing just my boobs and butt.  Enjoy my newest favorite set!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.