Chapter 36
Volume I

This is dedicated to the upskirt guys!  I picked out my shortest red skirt, my cute flower shirt best for hawaii shoots.  And my red sexy heels of course.  Right out in the balcony, while people are walking by, in good view of me on the 2nd floor... I pull up my skirt, and let the photographer have his way.  Most of the pics are low angles looking up my skirt, and some cute foot pics too. Its all for the voyeur inside of you. 

Don't know about you guys, but I think this video is hott.  It starts with me in my sexy red heels sitting on the balcony reading a magazine, while the camera goes under and inbetween my legs to see me upskirt.  I slipped my panties up to make a wedgie against my private parts, then pulled them aside.  Are you hard yet?  Then I took them off, and the camera got really close details of my shaved private part.  I slipped my fingers down there and spread it, showing off my tender parts and fingered it and tasted it.  Then I lifted my shirt up and played with my breasts and pulled on my hard nipples.  I stood up and the camera went under my skirt, and the video ended with me spreading my butt cheeks wide.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.