Chapter 36
Volume II

More upskirt!  First I take my panties off, bite them and taste them (well kind of), then the camera goes waay down for the upward angle.  It was just a week ago when a member (you know who you are!) who said that he loved the upward angle views he saw in chapter 26, so if one member asks for it, I know there are 100s more who think the same thing!  So I hope you like them.  The pics go right on to closeups of my private parts, and spread butt cheeks.

This video is actually from a few days back after I came back from the beach, and I went to take a shower.  I had sand all over me, so I undressed and headed for the water.  After you've been out all day at the beach, it really hits the spot.  I rubbed the sand out of my private parts, but it does get me excited so I kept rubbing.  Like what usually happens, I get carried away, and I started feeling good down there.  I do this back home often, where I use the shower head to pleasure myself.  It feels good having water vibrating against your special parts.   I fingered myself and orgasmed.  Then I dried up and went to bed!  Nighty night, until tomorrow!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.