Chapter 37
Volume I

This is a superlong photoshoot where I picked out a sexy black top, my favorite black heels, and a tigerstripe pair of panties.  After posing sexy against the armoire, I pulled my top off and squatted on a chair.  I spread my private part open while pulling my panties aside.  Then I grabbed my private part with my finger and stretched & played with it.  The photos then get a little more crazy, where you see my panties deep inside me, and I mean really deep to a point where you cant see them anymore.  The last pics show my panties slowly coming out, and my white juices stuck all over them. 

I was feeling sexy today, and put on my sexiest skimpy black combo.  Just to parade around in the little room and show off my hard body, I played around with the doors of the armoire and spread my legs in funky positions.  I like my butt in that tiger pattern panties.  Finding a chair, I sat down and showed off my pretty feet in my hot black heels, then pulled down my shirt and made my nipples pointy, and licked them.  I pulled off my hot panties and nibbled and smelled them just for the camera.  People could see inside through the window, so I closed the blinds.  Then I went ahead, and tried stuffing my panties deep inside me.  It was hard, but I managed to get it all in after like 5 minutes!  You couldn't even see it anymore.  Whats interesting is how it squished my wetness inside to flow down onto the chair, leaving a wet spot.  Then I spread myself and slowly pulled it out, and you can see how it glides smoothly out of there.  The camera gets really close to it, and you can see the white juices it picked up while being deep inside.  Would you taste and smell it?  I do smell good down there (and taste good too!).  Perhaps my kinkiest video to date!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.