Chapter 38
Volume II

Aren't these the cutest pictures you've ever seen?  I do love flowers, though I sometimes don't like to admit it, since I dont want to be labelled a girly-girl.  But I think all girls love flowers, and ones like the plumeria in my hand is so soft, and fragrant.  The pictures in this series could possibly be some of the most erotic I've ever taken.  It shows you how it does not need to be a video to be sensual.  Whatever angle the camera took to get close to my body, a flower was there to give it perspective.  The photos cover all parts of my body, with a lot of emphasis on my face, breasts and the special place inbetween my legs.  The next time you want to get romantic with your girlfriend, give her some fragrant flowers, and use her body as a canvas for them.

Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.