Chapter 40
Volume I

When I feel sexy, I feel more sexual too.  So to induce myself into masturbating, I like to wear sexy clothes and heels.  In this photoshoot before I masturbated, I was wearing strappy tan heels, a tan skirt and a top without a bra.  On the couch, you get a lot of inbetween legs shots, some nice foot pics and closeups.  I think me and the photographer are getting very comfortable working with each other, and the pics get better and better.  These pics should give you a hard-on hehe.

Its my last day here, and I'm just thinking of my wonderful trip... kind of feeling sad though, since I'll be leaving soon.  I wanted to feel sexy for what I plan to do in this video.  I want to masturbate in style and my best outfit combo, along with my newest sexy tan heels.  I went to the couch, and let the videographer capture my body, and go inbetween my legs.  I couldn't wait any longer, and started rubbing myself.  Usually he will tell me when to start, but this time I just wanted to do it and ignored him (and the camera).  Honestly, I just wanted to masturbate without being taped today, but the videographer insisted and I guess you guys would miss out on a good thing.  I got my finger in myself and banged myself hard this time.  Yes, its wet in there, as usual.  I went on my side and masturbated from that angle until I came.
The very last part shows me at the Maui airport about to leave, and I say my goodbyes to this beautiful place one last time.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.