Chapter 41
Volume I

I bought the right shirt and plaid schoolgirl skirt for this, borrowed some socks, and stole my sister's shoes.  I had a nice pair of bra and panties to wear underneath my outfit too.  We took pics in the bathroom and then in an open empty plain white room.  My favorite pic is #142 where I'm on my knees.

After I spit my gum out (the videographer forced me) I decided between pigtails or ponytail.  Pigtails it is!  After you get a closeup of my feet, I put my socks on and my schoolgirl shoes (uncomfortable!).  The videographer peeks under my skirt while I'm sitting on the table.  I went to the full length mirror and look at my bruised knees!  My sports activities always do that to my knees (I was playing soccer for a bit last week).  I checked myself out and looked at my private parts & fingered myself before I headed out.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.