Chapter 44
Volume III

This photo series is all about Janelle's lactation, from me lactating her to her doing it against the mirror.  In one shot you can really see it come out.  The mirror was sprayed full of milk!  When she kissed me on my cheek you can see her lipstick on my cheek. 

Got Milk?  Janelle certainly does.  I got to squirt her hard, but some of her milk dripped on my finger!  I made her squirt out several feet!  Then she did some on herself, and then I came back to squirt her again against the mirror.  This must be the strangest video on my website to date!  She continued squirting against the mirror and pretty much covered the whole mirror!  I touched some of her milk and let her taste it & then kiss me on the cheek and lips.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.